50% of All Colon Cancer Cases Can Be Avoided If We Stay Away from These 9 Things

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50% of All Colon Cancer Cases Can Be Avoided If We Stay Away from These 9 Things

Lack of garlic in the diet

Garlic is a very healthy veggie which possesses potent antibacterial characteristics which can lower the risk of cancer. Garlic is so potent that it will strengthen your immunity and help it fight off illnesses and infections easier.

Overweight and obesity

Maintaining a balanced weight is crucial if you want to prevent colon cancer. According to a study done back in 2014, people who are overweight are more likely to get colon cancer.

Sedentary lifestyle

Poor physical activity increases the chance of cancer by 30 to 40%. Namely, when you’re physically active on a daily basis, you improve the blood flow and neutralize harmful pathogens in the body and thus, decrease the chance of cancer. Exercising on a regular basis is also a good way to strengthen the immunity and prevent different diseases.

Red meat

Newest studies have shown that red meat can cause colon cancer. However, the issue isn’t the meat itself, but the way it’s made. Hence, red meat is often genetically modified and the cows from which it comes are not grass-fed, but fed with glyphosate that destroys the good bacteria in the gut and causes further complications.

Processed meats

Meats like bacon, ham, burgers, salami, and pepperoni can be detrimental for one’s health. Even though they taste great, don’t be fooled, they’re a major cancer-causing food!

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