Perfect Guacamole Recipe

Perfect Guacamole Recipe

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You can make this avocado salad smooth or chunky depending on your tastes.

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Here is some reviews from people who tried this perfect guacamole recipe :

Ryan :

This is the first time I made guacamole, and it turned out very well. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy the avocados in advance, as suggested by other reviewers, and I didn’t realize that green avocados are far too under-ripe for this recipe. I had to go out again to find one which was black on the outside. Even that one was barely ripe enough. The recipe still turned out well, though!

Stefanie :

This is an excellent guacamole recipe. The only thing is that I included the juice of one lime, but it was too much. Maybe I should have used a Mexican lime because those are smaller. Anyway, when I made it the second time I only used half a lime.

Katy :

Excellent! My husband loved it! Fresh Cilantro is a must(.70 cents a bunch). We like chunkier style Guacamole so mashed two of the avocados & chopped the third into very small pieces. These pieces will mush up a little as you stir in other ingredients, but still give it a little chunk. If it is still too chunky you can mash it a little with back of spatula. I will use this recipe on a regular basis. Thanks!

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